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October 28 2017. I’ve been neglecting the whole blog recently whilst I learn and focus on my trading approach away from the charts. Several thing have changed whilst I have been away like Adam Grimes new Market Life course, Steve Winiarski’s new Paracurve and Al Brooks continuing new price action course. Also Rob Booker has recommenced his traderspodcast twice weekly and Shonn Campbell appears to be 10 time more focused and in the zone, which is a dream I aspire too. Next year I hope to make some major updates to this blog. Just wanted to let you know I have not at one point given up or taken a rest from learning to trade. In fact the pace and focus has been stepping up immensely. See you soon.

Still in the early phase of development. Partially updated 24 June 2017

My Improving Trader, Forex Day Trading Course.

I am a price action trader and now only have one indicator on my chart which is the 20 ema. I trade the 5 minute chart but do like to take context from higher timeframe charts to aid decision making.

Success is up to you and nothing down to me. Please read my disclaimer on a separate page, as forex trading is high risk and you must take responsibility for your own failures, as you take the credit for any successes.

Forex Trading Education Warning.

Beware of these sort of characters waiting to take your hard earned money away from you, enticing you with easy riches, massive compounded gains, ultra relaxing lifestyles, contented spouses giving you loving looks as you beat the markets, fast cars and flash suits, trading for a living from home, trading from a beach hammock whilst drinking cocktails and a way to leave your awful job or give you a decent retirement income.

leatherbritches 001

They won’t of course appear as obvious as those above and many might give you impeccable references, have a nice professional website, a list of happy clients, Wall Street pedigree and many other impressive reasons to buy into the dream. They will be offering you various discounted plans to part you with your money, often with a marketing deadline to take advantage of the fear of missing out and a special offer only to those who attended the webinar. Often it will all commence with a free webinar or live seminar to lure you in or even a book or free guide to trading downloaded from their website. Often they will get rather angry when being asked about their records or their high fees. They will tell you about after winning so much themselves,how they want to give something back to help others, for a high fee of course.


Of course some of the good’uns may also be offering you free advice to start, but then the follow on should be fairly inexpensive and always try out monthly never pay out the full wack for a year or more until you are utterly convinced. No fees should be high for if they are successful, they should be making the majority of their income in the way they are luring you in to do yourself. We are all suckers to this sort of thing every now and then, so do your due diligence carefully.

This is tough game to crack, highly stressful whist learning and success in unlikely to come overnight. Of course you may think you are different. We all think we are different and we are. It just takes most of us different individuals quite a while to even get moderately successful. Most people who attempt to trade will not make it good and this is true for most people who try to take up any challenge in life, like running a business or practicing a sport. Most people are lured in with the dream of the certainty of success and once they find that it’s not that easy, they don’t last very long at all. Don’t necessarily be fooled either by those who indicate it won’t be easy either, as they will be seriously understating the case, and maybe using it to create an allure of honesty. If  you will be the one in a several hundred who does persist and finds an edge you will need to hang on to any capital reserves you have and not give them easily to the market or to an unscrupulous educator.

Take the advice from successful trader, Peter Brandt’s twitter comment below.


In my opinion for what it’s worth, my trading course as outlined below, will give you almost everything you could want to become an improving trader with a plan developing and an edge to hone. I’m not there yet in terms of wealth myself mind you, so maybe you’d actually be dumb to take my advice. I know!! Why give it then? Because I am improving and I feel I want to pass on what has helped me and may steer you away from being fleeced by other so called guru’s out there. All my own recent results are in my journal on my  2017 Journal page and I don’t make a penny from this blog so I won’t be scamming you in any way.

1: The Basics 

Now on a separate page

Still under development.

2: Understanding How and Why Price Moves and  the Million Dollar Question ‘Is Successful Trading Really Possible?’

If you have been at this for a while and are confident with the basics, go to number 4: on my resource list below and complete Adam Grimes excellent free course. Once you get to the bits about quant trading stop as unless you’re a geek, it’s a waste of your time. Also note with this course, it is based on Adam’s statistical research, which is not the only way to look at the markets. Keep an open mind about his research as quite often it is very difficult to obtain truly meaningful results that reflect actual trading. However they are worth scrutinizing and reflecting on as you develop further and you may even decide you would like to trade Adam’s suggested patterns and not come back here.

Adam now has a new free trading and meditation course on a new website at and the old one now looks closed. I have not yet done the new courses but will as the last one was very useful to me.

The main stuff I want you to take from here is the learning skills and development tools to enhance your creativity and greatly improve performance and learning speed. Leave the trading skills until section 4 below.

3: Advanced Charting Software

Next I suggest you take a look at resource number 9: on my resources list below, and play around with their charting software for free. Oanda has advanced charting based on tradingview but it is a new development and as I write mid 2016, it is full of bugs and needs time to be put right. To have a multichart screen you will need to pay a small monthly fee but at this stage is not necessary. Also when Oanda get their act together I will move everything to them and not pay the $15 month pro fee. Many use another free charting package called MT4 which also is available with Oanda, although I personally don’t like it, but that is just me, it may well suit you.

For a nice introduction to using, Chris Pulver and Jared Johnson of have made a nice free intro video to using the charts that is worth a looksee. It will help you set up indicators, level alerts, trend line alerts, templates, watch lists, and other charting practices if you’re not familiar. Go to

NB. 22 Sept 2016 .The Oanda advanced charts don’t have alerts or templates or the ability to name or save charts and they have managed to crash me out of Oanda’s server a few times. Well that’s how it seems. Still a few problems saving charts but this has got better. I do like the idea of using the same data feed for Oanda’ charts as I’m trading with them and it is not only saving $15 per month by not using

Jun 24 2017. I am now using ProRealtime software which I get free using the UK spread betting firm IG. Free that is as long as I place 4 minimum £1 per pip bets/trades a month. Otherwise it costs £30. Not sure how this works for my US friends who aren’t allowed to spread bet. I still use Oanda’s basic platform to trade with them but haven’t been back to their advanced charts for a while so can’t comment.

Really though to trade using price action mainly off  one chart the way I do at the moment all you need is Oanda’s basic charts. Paying much if at all for expensive charting is a luxury most of us can ill afford. If charting costs you £50+ month then better to take one swing trade a month risking £50 and let it run and use the free basic platform!

4; The best Price Action Trading on this Planet.

Al Brooks new online Price Action trading course. Forget his older downloadable one, go straight for the new online which he is still writing at this point 24 June 2017. It is tough, some describe his work as boring, but nothing in trading is easy and they are missing the point which is that that Al leaves no stone unturned in explaining and revisiting concepts that are needed for successful trading. It is like a university/college degree course and it will take time to complete. Al is separating it into one for forex and one for his favoured Emini but both cover similar material. This needs to be done, re-done with notes and re-done again as you practice your trading and journaling your experiences.
AL also has written a series of 3 excellent but difficult to read books on Trends, Trading Ranges and Reversals. Difficult to read because of the detail, however as you  go further through them and start grasping the concepts, they do get easier.

5: More Technical Analysis

Now you if want to add a further dimension to your trading  head to  Steve  Winiarski’s which used to be The blog is free so you can go through a lot of the articles at your leisure. Many are quite confusing as he tends to use a bit of intellectual waffle but if you’re like me you will print them off and make notes,  however afterwards you may consider the course as a more structured and in depth approach to the same material. I would say though that Steve does talk extremely fast and goes over a lot of similar ideas as Al Brooks but there are differences, for example the use of inner trendlines which Al doesn’t mention and the use of fib extensions as measured move targets.

6: The Learning Experience

Also as you go through all this, take a look at the other resources mentioned below, they are all a part of my own development and you may find they answer more of your questions and that you take a different direction than the one I advise. That’s great and as it should be. Also you might like to take a look at my book list Stay in demo until you get at least a few months of consistency then only trade with a tiny account as you move live. That way any losses are just the price of the education and the less they are the better value you get.

Also you may start to think about teaching others yourself, even before becoming successful. Get a blog or even a private notebook and try to write out your trading ideas and plan. I know it will be continually evolving, but hey, as you improve it will become more transparent and you may be able to have a little side income later doing a genuine education service yourself as you build your account up. Personally I’m not sure about the education business myself but one day I might write a book and this blog helps me to put some of my ideas down in writing in a rough sense to be elaborated and improved on the future. Someone  I personally follow who blogs is Shonn Campbell, and you can find his blog here and his educational site FXIT at He’s a really open and likeable person who tells you about his struggles as well as good stuff which is really refreshing in a world of marketing types who gloss over the truth that this is an extremely hard game to crack.

An interesting ebook to read whilst taking breaks from the course, is Rob Wilson’s, ‘5 Bullets.’ A few things have changed since Rob wrote the book about intra-day trading the EURUSD on the 1min chart, such as the level of volatility and the average session ranges, but it does contains a lot of wisdom around the issue of trend and range trading. You will also find it packed full of interesting nuggets about trading and is a very short inexpensive and easy read.

Also try reading the blogs of successful traders like trader, psychologist and educator, Dr Brett Steenbarger who has an excellent blog that is full of good advice which you need because you will come to find the learning experience is more than taking a few courses, reading a few books and then taking trades on the charts.


And take a listen to Mr Rob Booker’s podcasts and radio shows for motivation and ideas on trading. This very clever man is a complete out of the box thinker and original when it comes to podcasting and trading education, and I leave you with his wise words on going pro.


7: My Own Personal Plan

To see my own trading plan visit this page of the blog, it however is well out of date and I need to rewrite most of it.  This is not necessarily for you to copy, because it is based on my personality and experiences, but feel free to take whatever you want to develop your own approach. You are on a journey now to develop your own plan from everything you learn and from your time at the charts which could well be much much better than mine. Maybe you will take a few or none of the ideas in my plan, that is up to you and as it should be. Good luck with whatever approach you take.

See successful trader Peter Brandt’s comment below.


7: Transparency, Me and Help From Others.

I am not affiliated in any way to anyone here. I don’t get any kickbacks from anyone and all adverts are blocked from this blog so as to show its upmost objectivity. I suspect a few people only have a vague idea at the most who I am, most won’t know me at all. I don’t do chat rooms/forums much, as I can be quite rude and abrupt to others and can get a little overbearing. Don’t get me wrong I’m no troll, I just keep asking too many questions that quite honestly can’t really be answered and I speak my mind as I see it, and that sometimes can be a little offensive or annoying to others. I also just find they distract me too much. I find others on them piss me off or annoy me, as much as I annoy them, so I do my talking on my blog and like to follow other blogs and comment on them, but that’s as far as it goes. I like to receive comments on this blog but don’t get very many. I would think that would likely pick up if I made exaggerated claim of success and charged a huge fee for this course though.

We all need some outlet to keep us motivated and a well run forum or chat room allied to a  specific approach by an educator may well be what helps you. Maybe you go down the road of a blog like me, or you find someone you have a high regard for to mentor you. Maybe you take to social media like twitter to follow others and create a following yourself or meet up live with other like minded traders. We all want a bit of recognition when we do well and we all need motivating when the chips are down, and most of us gain from encouraging and helping others. We can feel good when talking and listening to others and gaining feedback and are uplifted when we find others with similar views.

”Traders talk amongst themselves, not necessarily to discuss bullish or bearish market opinions, but rather to share insights into the nature and quirkiness of this business. The mental toll trading exacts definitely forms bonds. When we open up it is always surprising to discover the similarity of lessons learned, experiences shared, and how we all independently arrive at the same conclusions. Often in talking with each other we’re really looking for clues into our own heads, hoping to understand ourselves a little better.”

from ”Street Smarts,” by Laurence A. Connors, Linda Bradford Raschke.

Many open forums contain trolls and losers who don’t want you to be successful as they are not and never will be, so beware. Better to surround yourself with generous winners than disgruntled losers who will drag you down. You may also find that the worst offenders and naysayers are people that have no interest in trading and think either you aren’t clever enough to succeed or it is all one big scam and just fools gambling.

Here I will add a comment from Scott Welsh which is what you need to hear.

ScreenHunter_1997 Aug. 11 10.55

8: Putting It All Together

You will find that everything in trading that is quoted or taught or stated as a must by educators has an equal and opposite argument. When learning you must not get married to the opinions of any guru or educator. You need to come up with your own personal arguments of what is right and wrong for you. For instance two educators I respect Rob Booker and Steve Winiarski have completely opposite views on demo trading. Adam Grimes makes the case for not using Fibs or Ma’s whilst Shonn Campbell will use them. Adam Grimes looks at the charts with the view there is a lot of randomness there whilst Al Brooks says that every bar is information and telling a part of the story. Rob Wilson has stoccastics, Bollinger bands, and several ma’s on his one minute charts whilst Al Brooks and Bob Volman have only one ma. Many guru’s will tell you how useful ‘The Market Wizard’ books are whilst Allen Bary will tell you they are no use at all to a trader. Brett Steenbarger is an intra day swing trader however Allen Bary says scalping and long term trading are possible however medium timeframe swing trading is not. Some traders Steve Winiarski and many others preach about having a positive reward:risk ratio whilst Scott Welsh, Boris Schlossberg and Allen Bary are successful using a negative one. Even on the charts one persons trade ideas will be opposing another’s and when you break your own chart analysis down you will find opposing directions on the same chart for your own trade set ups. There are nearly always bulls and bears with a reason to trade the charts at any one time and those times when one side is dominant are fleeting, because price moves like a rocket, as there is no one to take the other side of the trade.

Understanding these things is important but most important is filtering out what resonates and works for you. Often this will be done by relating to things not just in trading that work for you but those in your life away from trading as well. Your experiences, likes, dislikes, skills, relationships, education, career, interests, arts, books, films, philosophy, logic, temperament and many other things will play a part in your personality. Personality is both nature and nurture. To trade like Rob Wilson with several indicators on a one minute chart needs a very sharp mind that has been honed with experience, ( he didn’t become the commander of a Royal Navy Battleship for no reason) Are you up to the same level as him. Al Brooks who himself was an eye surgeon admits the 1 min is often too fast for him and he prefers the 5 min chart. Others will tell you that the only way is to trade the higher timeframes like 4 hours and above but are you able to sit through days of price fluctuations often going against you for quite a while.

Don’t reject some ones views outright. Take what is good for you and leave what doesn’t fit. Filtering out those opposing ideas on the charts also will help create your edge. Build your plan around you stealing what you see as the best bits of others and when you put it all together you will somehow make it your own. Innovate, don’t just journal results, stare at charts, listen to podcasts or read blogs, use them to spark creativity, don’t look to follow the crowd, don’t give a shit what they think and when you find your own uniqueness you will likely be closing in on success.

More words from Dr Steenbarger


ScreenHunter_2062 Aug. 26 18.55

To win you need to take money from the crowd. That is what all business’s do. Most traders are suckers, they are average or below and will never change. They actually lose more than the spread over a period of time which is because they are the lemmings, sheep or the Gadarene Swine.

ScreenHunter_2063 Aug. 26 19.06

You don’t have to be a genius but you do need to be better than average and to strive to be your best.

ScreenHunter_102 Aug. 26 01.25

Good luck and hope something I have written has helped you.

The Resource List


Al Brooks professional price action trading course. Nothing tops it and really anything else is just an excuse for being lazy. It’s tough and in the early stages confusing, but when it starts to come together, it’s like a light bulb moment. Go straight for the Forex version of the new (still in progress) online course and leave the downloadable version. Al is creating his masterpiece now as I write but there is already over 50+ hours of material mostly in around 30 min lectures, which is ideal so you can fit in a lecture a day. Forget indicators other than the 20ema and forget about fundamentals it’s all about spike and channel trends expanding into ranges and major trend reversal wedge tops amongst other things. His price action fundamentals then sets you up for the mathematics of trading and finally how to trade. There is so much it will take years to master but there are ways to speed the process up (go to resource 4 Adan Grimes free course to learn more.

1B:  Steve W’s very excellent technical analysis blog.  The articles can often get a little complex in detail when you first arrive, but make no mistake the content here is second to none. All free education for you to take in and apply to your own trading. There is a course of lectures that is more structured for learning and costs $491 at , I am presently going through the lectures myself and find them excellent. There is something interestingly different and ”out of the box” about the way Steve views the market, that is very different from anything I’ve read or heard about anywhere else. Steve does rattle through a lot of his concepts  at a fast rate in the lectures and I will need to run through them a few times and make notes, especially as it is not the usual run of the mill content that many others seem to offer. I recommend that you go through all of the no brainer blog posts before paying for the lectures. I personally would have been overwhelmed by the content and speed at which it is given out if I hadn’t read and made notes on the blog posts and even now it is not easy. Steve was interviewed by Hugh Kimura at (see below). Lastly this is not stuff that can be simply absorbed by an average brain like my own, it will take some working on, in learning, application and understanding.

2: and Shonn Campbell’ website and blog for his inventory trading style. I’ve added the context from his FXIT course found on his website to my own trading very recently and it feels good. The course is very inexpensive and very, very good.

There is a recent interview with him here

3: Rob’s new podcast is found here His own website is here and Rob Bookers previous recordings of his excellent daily radio show that grew  out of his podcast at have some excellent episodes that are worth listening to. A great source of  ideas and inspiration and loads of lateral thinking on trading. I always listen to this being a big Booker fan. Rob’s got a trading group at  for which I’m a lifetime member and although I don’t really use Rob’s  Trifecta system, or the Kingfisher but you can learn a lot just by studying them.There’s often something going on like the recent conference in Houston Texas. TFL365  been moved to a new site at  that has a big chat community at Slack. There are often live events The Pheonix and Orlando seminars were recorded and You can watch the recent Rob Booker live seminars here. The  2016 Houston seminar at present is only available through the conference sponsor  . You may find it useful to approach Forestpark before you sign up to a live account with Oanda, rather than going directly to a broker yourself, as you may obtain valuable rebates on your trades for no extra cost. Several of Rob’s group have turned pro, Shonn, Matt, Scott, Ryan and I list their own websites here. They too have been a big help to me and they all are very approachable.

4: Excellent free course. After learning some basics about trading I suggest this would be a good starting point to expand your skills.This ones based on a statistical approach to trading patterns with enhanced learning skills, self hypnosis and meditations and homework to boot. Has plenty of interesting views backed up by stats about fibs, indicators and volume  to make you think about being wary of using such things. He also has an interesting blog and podcast which are available from his site.

5:  Blog by Matt LaCoco Mate of Shonn Campbell above and has featured on the traders podcast with Shonn a few times. Doesn’t write often but brilliant when he does, another who is happy to take just a few pips from the market. Has a course coming soon here and here’s an interview with Matt  <Matt LaCoco – Continue Reading> with . Also listen to Matt’s solo performance in episode 115 of the booker report radio show here .

6: Up to date live forex news for £20 month for the London and US sessions, a bit more if you want Asia also, keeps you from not missing everything that’s going on and is a nice companion as you sit alone waiting on the charts. Also has a more detailed calendar which will compliment the free ones below.

7:  Blog by Scott Welsh. Robot trader who uses his robots to research the markets and comes up with some very interesting findings. Excellent weekly video/ blog.

8:  Brett Steenbarger’s blog. Worth a looksee me thinks as one of the best blogs I follow at the moment.

9:  Excellent inexpensive charting. The single chart mode is free. Multi chart option is very inexpensive and I pay about £15 month, but will stop if Oanda ever get their trading view charts working properly, as I will be able to trade straight from them, a facility already available to FXCM customers.

10: I use Oanda Europe as I’m in the UK and it has also started a tax free spread betting platform, for those available who live in the UK. You will usually have to sign up with the Oanda group in which world zone you live in and the page I give here is for the UK. Now has got tradingview style charts to use although they have a lot of problems at the moment so aren’t reliable.  Also can use MT4 and Multicharts to trade through.

11: for me the best calendar out there with sound alerts and more but you need to use  for confirmation as sometimes one calendar misses something big. Myfxbook updates the calendar very quickly with alerts, whereas forexfactory is very slow and requires a screen refresh. You can link your fx broker platform to either of these to produce graphs and charts of results, and even as a source to verify your trading results to a third party.

12: Chris Pulver previously of MTI then Rhino-traders and a spell with Jared Johnson at daytradersfx has now set up his own education business. The Blueprint/ Foundation videos I have done and they emphasised some important stuff that I’d put out of my mind. Well worth a looksee but his monthly fees are too high for me and I don’t like following anyway. Blog resources to make yourself visible and accountable, pay a little and get your own dotcom address like I do which gets rid of the in the site name. Simple and easy to set up if you’re like me, a technophobe. It’s helped keep my motivation up through the tough times. Post up screenshots of your trades, all of them. Sometimes it can be hard work to journal after a few bad losers but once you do you feel a lot better and usually learn and take something away. Even write up your thoughts like I do in monthly posts, and you might get a little following especially if you are honest and throw away your ego. It may become the start of your own future education site, who knows. Likely you do a far better job of presenting your site than I do.

ScreenHunter_1998 Aug. 14 15.36 Not a trading site but very, very useful. Join up and you’ll get his free habits ebook and access to his past news letters and his occasional updates. Blog and podcast by Hugh Kimura.Enjoy his free podcasts with successful traders. He does get his interviewees talking and has some interesting people on his blog and some interesting links and resources. I like Hugh and his website a lot, very genuine guy. Excellent interviews with Steve W of nbt above and Kim Krompass below. Has my blog listed in his blog directory so I am a little biased. Very good blog and podcast by Texan Brandon Clay. Excellent content. Another very good trading podcast, well worth your time by Aussie Aaron Fifield. Excellent interview with Lance Beggs . Kim Krompass’s website and blog. Some basic explanations of her trading style at and interviews with her and and another with Rob Booker on his tfl365 site, which you can get access for a day or so for around $1 if you don’t want to sign up. Looks to be sort of genuine but is rather expensive to follow. I took a month in Nov 2016 and found it interesting, but there is little explanation of why here, rather just do it this way sort of thing, which isn’t for me, although I’m glad I took the time to appraise her. Daytrades the breakouts of overnight ranges and gets in on pullbacks when the daily moves are pushing hard in a clear daily trend on a dozen different currencies, having maybe up to 8 open positions at one time. Likes to trail the momentum pushes on the currencies that are moving that session and cut off the losers very quick. Plenty of small losses but the big ones are shown to well outweigh the losers if the results shouted out on twitter are anything to go by. Twitter aint no proof though, so there is always a nagging doubt. and blog by Ryan Herron Interesting and genuine binary options trader. Followed his blog for ages. Traded out of a van to get going. Don’t judge him by his accent he’s a clever guy. Appears now and again on Rob Booker’s traderspodcast. Options is not something I’m yet overly familiar with however Adam Grimes now has a section of his free course mentioned above and I’ve been interested in finding more about options barriers for use with spot forex.  Michael Huddleston, Theinnercircletrader, aka The Kill Zone Sniper, doesn’t charge anything for his training. It’s interesting stuff. Was linked to the forum   Utilises some interesting methods he says he first learnt from Larry Williams. Can get confusing where he pulls his fibs from, making you wonder if it matters at all, but there’s a lot to learn here. Can waffle a bit too much in the lectures, I once heard him spend over an hour moaning about someone cheating in a trading competition without getting down to any useful content. Interesting ideas from L R Thomas. Don’t let the name put you off as there’s a few interesting ideas here. ROI and reward/risk ratio’s are outcomes rather than levels to set ‘take profits’ and ‘stop losses’, although having a ball part figure to aim for is still useful in risk management, so 10XROI is a bit of an unfortunate name in some ways but not in others. Worth a look especially if you’re a beginner. She has written plenty of inexpensive ebooks to set you off.  and   Allen Bary’s free scalping information site. Specialises in trading Forex Price Action Scalping as set out in Bob Volman’s excellent book. Also links to his new forum Never liked forums before but this is all based around scalping like Bob Volman. Can’t say Allen is the best teacher/educator I’ve ever come across, as his explanations are often on the vague side, but he seems genuine enough and he’s introduced me to some ideas I’d never thought of before. Remember many great traders are probably lousy educators, it took Lefevre to produce Reminiscences after Livermore’s own poor attempt. traderAllen also has a youtube page that is useful and is very obliging with answering your questions. I’m a big fan though and there’s no hint of marketing or luring you into paying for anything. Top man. Don’t really use this much as I don’t do social media and only follow a few some of which don’t post much at all. Just a quick looksee when I have nothing better to do Here’s my list I follow below. Here you can get the four minute and weekly summary’s from Boris Schlossberg eg and blog posts, also some psychological stuff from Steenbarger  and keep up to date with the others.






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  1. This post is really interesting. I have bookmarked it. Do you allow guest posting on your
    page ? I can provide hi quality articles for you. Let me know.

    1. Thanks for your kind comment. I’m afraid this is a personal blog and is all about me and so I don’t do guest postings, however I do accept comments on my articles. Sorry.

  2. Hi Fxoutlier , this is a great blog !!

    I have read all three Al Brook books ( which took me the best part of a year) the two bob volman books and recently started the course with Kim Krompass( which heavily simplifies trading ) . I was actually interested in also doing the fxanalytics course as well by Steve “No brainers” – I wanted to gain your opinion on both .

    1. If you’re familiar with the articles in steve’s nobrainertrades (now Paracurve) then fxanalytics is just a more structured course of the same material. Since doing that course I’ve since completed Al Brooks new online course which I feel goes over much similar material, but is more detailed as you would expect. I do feel Al’s new course having written 4 books then having written a downloadable course has now improved greatly and to me is far better than steves course. To me steve tends to confuse much more than Al as he tends to talk extremely fast over the charts he displays. Maybe it’s just me as every time I find a new course I like, it suddenly appears the best ever, however if you read some of the nobrainer stuff you will probably agree that some of the articles are full of intellectual waffle that obscures the main point he is trying to get across. As Al’s is the most recent and Kim’s an old one, then maybe that explains why I favour Al’s over Steves over Kims. I had a problem with Kims in that I appear to get lots of small losses on the range breaks in the London session I trade and I didn’t have as much faith in Cam. Again maybe just me. And I only spent a month or so there as I felt it wasn’t explaining the why to me, only the how. I wrote a comment about Kim’s course and traderoom after receiving a comment from someone very recently with my article I’m afraid it wasn’t a glowing appraisal. Maybe you are finding more success there than I did, after all I only spent a month or so there. I wrote another article here on ‘the why not the how’ back in November last year which is my last article as I decided to concentrate more on the trading than the writing. Anyhow good luck in your own trading and search to find your way. Don’t think I was too much help. Sorry I’m a bit rushed.

  3. Hi Fxoutlier, may I ask for your opinion about Lance Beggs and Mack’s Price Action? Thanks.

  4. Hi John. I’ve only delved into Lance Beggs’s YTC before and I do like what he does. Got one of his price action ytc courses free somewhere, possibly I don’t like to pay out much for courses myself, as I feel for me it’s about searching around to learn lots from different sources, before homing in on one style maybe taking the bits that resonate from several educators to create my own style. He uses 3 timeframes to trade price action off and he’s well worth a look. Only ever glanced at Mack on youtube so I haven’t a clue there. I paid for Al Brook’s course after reading one of his books because there was a lot that I liked there and the course is relatively inexpensive. Don’t know how much Beggs’s course costs, but I recommend getting a free or cheap bootleg version like me to suss it out. Good luck and good trading.

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