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Update 12 May 2018

I will elaborate on more of these links in the next few weeks. 

1. The resources I use every day whilst trading. Free text and voice news feed included with 15 second delay, if you want real time I’ve  included the link for talking-forex which costs £30 month further below. Best of the forex text notes on financialjuice with own website where you get updates on vanilla options levels to watch out for. My first go to calendar, to check the days events and speakers, with their respective significance levels. Updates very quickly. The calendar looks like it comes from fxstreet as when you click on anything it refers back to them. Whether fxstreet source it from somewhere else I wouldn’t know and who provides the consensus outcomes for data releases, again I don’t know. Need caution in accepting the consensus as accurate as there may be a range of figures from different sources and the very best may not even be made available to the masses. Fast free updated news data with accurate count down and alarms. Realtime updates are fast and free and can  be helpful as they can alert you very quickly to data releases. Always worth a second opinion in case anything has been missed off the prior calendars but the live updates are very slow to come through.  I get a regular news letter from here having an account with Oanda. Helps with market sentiment. Just go and sign up for updates. Mike Paterson’s Update on his website is well worth a read. It comes out everyday on his blog around 08:00 to 10:30, but you will have to log on to receive, as the email updates don’t appear to work. Good info on options barriers, the major pairs (especially the GBPUSD), the order book and general market context My trading broker where I can access a version of Tradingview charts for my main charting needs. My UK spread betting broker where I can access free Prorealtime charts if I place a min of 4 times £1 per pip trades per month. I use these charts for my tick chart set up. If you can’t get it free with IG then it costs from £30 per month for basic forex charting. The charting package favoured by Bob Volman. I don’t think the data from IG is the same as Volman’s however the tick count can be adjusted as required. A useful index tool here. I can get an index of the USD and the GBP separately to see if either or both currencies are trending or running into S/R in a range or channel etc.

2.The courses I have found most useful in my journey so far. I suggest reading his book on trends first (highlighted in the book section). It’s a real tough cookie to get through and understand, but it does become clearer the further you go. Anything you don’t understand, just make a note with page number and carry on, then go back later when you’ve got further through. Then hit the course and you’ll fly through. Whilst trend trading Al does use large initial stops and only uses small stops on major trend reversals, but whatever your style of stop there is lots to take in. You will soon be seeing ‘spike and channel bull trends’ turning into ‘ranges with double bottom bull flags’ everywhere. Adam Grimes free course is full of interesting ideas not least his ideas on learning skills, meditation and self hypnosis. It contains plenty of controversy with his statistical analysis showing the use of Fibonacci levels or moving averages as support or resistance has little value and his dismissal of anything without the fore-mentioned statistical analysis as ‘Pop science.’ I myself don’t use Fibonacci retracements myself although I do look at 25%, 50% and 75% retracements and I only use one average on my charts as a guide, to yes, the average price. I like his contrarian views, however I do keep an open mind on the value of ma’s and fib levels, as the analysis maybe diluted by the noise on the charts and they may have different values in synergy with other factors. Steve Winiarski’s follow up course to his excellent bog at (formerly nobrainertrades ). Some excellent information in here however his teaching skills have a lot to be desired ( to someone of my intellectual level at least.) He does tend to waffle on, in university lecturer style a bit too much. Maybe a lot of his students are a lot clever than myself and this will presents no problems if you are that level. Interesting views on where not to enter, the inner market, Fibonacci extension targets, price patterns. On the whole well worth it and an alternative to Al Brooks. Not sure if you can still get hold of this, but one thing that always comes back is Rob Wilson stating ‘Confirmation Costs.’ This is trading from support and resistance at its purist and unlike his book ‘5 Bullets’ which I review next in the book section.

3. My best books l

Five Bullets by ex Royal Navy Commander Rob Wilson has plenty of interesting insights into trading on the 1 minute chart during the London morning session. An inexpensive ebook but don’t let that put you off. I completed Rob’s ‘Edge Trading’ after this and was waiting for him to bring out his daytrading course when he unfortunately left to join the Aussie Navy and start a Bitcoin business.


Bob Volman’s 2nd book on trading the 5 minute chart

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4. Blogs I follow or have followed and found useful.

5. Podcasts I follow or have followed.

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