End of the Road for this Blog

I’m closing down this blog which I haven’t been updating for quite some time now. I have not left trading, far from it as I am actively trading more now than ever. This was just my first attempt at blogging and much of what I wrote here is not how I think about trading today. I am building a website elsewhere and some of my posts I am taking with me, elaborating on, or totally revising and others are being trashed. I don’t see my new site up and running for a couple of years yet, as I am writing up all my ideas as a type of trading course, which I want to present in its finished form. So until then the fxoutlier has gone to ground, but he is determined to ride again, although under a different name. You will probably never know of my return unless you decide to take a new course and stumble across a few familiar words. Tha’ts it I’m outta here.


3 responses

  1. All the best for the rest of your journey brother

    1. Cheers Garth. Live long and prosper my friend

  2. good luck to you

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