The Fear of the Leaving Brexit

A few years ago when I first moved to Derby, I was living in a terraced cottage next door to a mildly strange, middle aged couple. He was a strong, squat, bull looking Italian featured man and she was a dumpy, red faced, little lady, who dressed in old fashioned, floral dresses and thick nylon stockings. Once or twice a year, they would get a bit frisky in the bedroom and their bed headboard would crash thunderously against the party  wall adjacent to our bedroom, for about half hour or so, in steady,’ pile driver like’ succession. On one of these occasions, the morning after the rutting, we had a knock on the door and to our surprise it was the lady next door. She had come around to complain about the noise we were keeping late last evening.  It was a very strange, surreal moment, and we actually found ourselves apologising to her, for the noise, even though it was her and her lusty husband who had caused it. She must have been highly embarrassed and was trying to make us think that it wasn’t her, by blaming us, even though she knew it wasn’t us and knew we must have known it too !!!!

Why have I mentioned this? Well as the Brexit vote gets closer, the ‘Remain’ camp have spent most of their campaign shouting out extremely outrageous claims about what will happen within the economy if the ‘Leave’ campaign wins. Like massive increases in unemployment, defence cuts, property crashes, more austerity, pensions collapse etc. Well exaggerated, over the top stuff. Even some of the ‘Remains’ own side had to come out and say that these outrageous claims could actually damage their campaign. So what did the ‘Remain’ camp do? The decided to try and deflect the attention from their own outrageous claims, by starting to accuse the Leavers of making the same sort of claims themselves. The Remains suggested that the National Health Service would be far worse off and could collapse, which is a very strange claim to make, given the NHS is not a business that makes anything from the extra supply of EU patients it has to deal with, it is a free service paid by the British tax payer. This may have been part cause of the recent surge in the Leave vote, if you believe the stats being poured out from the internet and telephone polls. There is another possibility for the increase in vote, which is more conspiracy theory like. It is that the Remain camp have fixed some of the polls, so it looks like a leave vote could win, to frighten and panic voters who aren’t sure, into registering to vote against, which would explain the massive increase in numbers registering and the government, mostly Remain camp’s decision to extend the date of registration!

It does appear that both sides are trying to convince voters with the ‘Fear of Loss’ argument rather than the ‘Want for Gain’ especially the Remain camp and it could be their undoing. I’m a Brexit supporter, but am still far from convinced it will happen, as the ‘Fear of Loss’ is a powerful negative incentive in the world of politics, as it is in the markets, especially when people start to panic, just the conditions the Remainers are trying to create. They are trying to orchestrate the conditions for the political equivalent of a market crash and are slowly winding up, to their finale of mass panic, to peak on June 23rd.

So here’s my attempt to play them at their own game.

ScreenHunter_1059 Jun. 12 18.34

Because if you do.

ScreenHunter_1058 Jun. 12 18.33

Stop press. Update 15 june 08:14, BMGReasearch poll admitted as a hoax the leave campaign was ahead in latest poll. You may think it was the leavers who did this, but they would be shooting themselves in the foot. Me thinks conspiracy theory not far off the mark.

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