The Missing Creative Link.

Given that most of the material on this blog is either plagiarised, with a few anecdotes from myself added, or it is fully copied and pasted, with myself trying to fill in the gaps with a pithy comment or two. Where is the creativity  in that? This is probably the reason why my typical daily viewing figures are something like this;

ScreenHunter_664 Apr. 27 15.49

Yes, unless you can call copying and pasting an art form, then my creativity is zilch! Which is why I am working on it by practising progressive relaxation techniques and going into trance. I’m getting into the routine of taking half hour out between my London and New York sessions, to listen to Adam Grimes and Glen Harold recordings, that send me into a deep trance, with the intention of establishing a link to any inner creativity locked away. The Adam Grimes sessions are taken from his FREE course ”The Art and Science of Trading,” If anyone is interested in the trance audios, I suggest you enroll on the course, then start by listening to the psychology sections beginning with TAAS 2.3 before downloading the first relaxation audio, then progress to TAAS 3.4 before downloading the first trance session audio and move on from there. This sort of training is used for enhanced learning skills and the main reason is for my trading, with the side effect to improve my blog. As an alternative, to separate the days, I’ve purchased a really good dvd and cd set of hypnotic trance sessions by Glen Harold. See pic below.


Ok whilst I’m waiting for my creativity to kick in, I thought I would see what I could learn from the recent success of the underdogs or rather the ”Foxes” Leicester City in the English premier football league.( Soccer to my US reader.) Yes England is the home to Real football, which still takes place a stones throw from me at Ashbourne every Shrovetide. Well worth a trip if you’re ever in the vicinity, but do go on the first day, not the second. The second day is where old grudges are settled and new ones started by the country hard cases and knuckle fighting men.

ScreenHunter_810 May. 07 16.47

ScreenHunter_811 May. 07 16.48

I digress. Back to the new Premier league champions in full copying and pasting style.

ScreenHunter_690 May. 03 10.18

That’s forex trading. The odds are stacked against us.ScreenHunter_691 May. 03 10.18

All us forex losers and inconsistent winners are mocked by the naysayers every day.

ScreenHunter_692 May. 03 10.19

We spend our time searching for the winning mentality that will spark a change.

ScreenHunter_694 May. 03 10.28

We look to improvement over a long time period, it can’t be done quickly.

ScreenHunter_701 May. 03 17.57

Yes we grind those pips out. 1 today, 5 the next, each day we do what it takes.

ScreenHunter_702 May. 03 17.58

When we win we treat ourselves to a doughnut!

ScreenHunter_716 May. 03 19.24

And a pizza!

ScreenHunter_718 May. 03 19.26

Not clever enough for Wall St or The City.

ScreenHunter_714 May. 03 19.23

No money for the big trades.

ScreenHunter_715 May. 03 19.24

Maybe we don’t need it!

ScreenHunter_713 May. 03 19.23

Kim Kardashian vs Donald Trump

ScreenHunter_719 May. 03 19.26

And lastly a little spiritual help doesn’t go amiss.

Right the end of the post is nigh. I’m now going to share with you some interesting viewing figures for my blog in recent days maybe my creative link has already been tapped into! One day a week a go I did rather well in my viewing figures. Have a looksee at the chart below.

ScreenHunter_679 May. 02 19.47

Of course it may just be someone I have plagiarised, sending me a message!!



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