Oanda, Brexit, Gadgets and the Issues of an older UK citizen.

I wouldn’t know what young people talk about these days when they get together, but in my age group 50+ conversations often centre around the issues of the day like Brexit, the price of a sack of coal and bowel problems. Not having one of those modern gadgets that youngsters are into, called a ‘television,’ I haven’t been able to keep up with the news on the campaigning for or against Brexit, although I keep hearing trading advisers talking about a GBP crash looming as the exit fears grow. Short the GBP against the safe haven CHF is being touted. I’m all for Brexit myself, however I can’t see it happening. The fear of the unknown, better the devil you know, will likely overcome the voters emotions in the end and they will put aside the issues of mass immigration and EU bureaucracy for  short term safety, unless of course events such as terrorism get closer to home to swing the fear factor the other way. Now take a looksee at this chart.

ScreenHunter_453 Mar. 25 11.42

Forget about what’s happened already to Cable on Brexit fears. Look at Oanda’s new advanced charting package free with an account. It looks remarkably like tradingview to me. YES,YES,YES! Ok no tick charts yet but who cares and loads of improvements to come apparently. I’ve just received a free £25 gift voucher for Amazon from Oanda for having completed a customer survey where I complained about a lack of charting facilities and a week later a new advanced charting package is launched. I do hope they get rid of the big Oanda logo bottom left though. I think my free Ninja demo platform can be confined to the dustbin now. Only just got this so haven’t really had a good look, but maybe I’ll be looking to go long cable down at 1.3294 closer to the referendum in complete opposition to the well informed views.

I’ve just bought one of those other modern gadgets a Samsung 7”tablet and have just joined Kindle unlimited, which means all those expensive trading books for £7.99 a month. And yes, I know like most Hollywood movies most trading books are crap, but also like the fore-mentioned you do get the odd gem. I still haven’t joined up with fxsanalytics.com  just yet because after completing all the nobrainer trade stuff, I’m doing some reading on fundamentals, intermarket analysis and volume which along side price action play a big part in their modus operandi. They sound like a bunch of clever buggers at fxsanlytics, so I don’t want to appear a complete dumb ass when I start. Just read Anna Couling’s ‘Volume Price Analysis.’ A few too many analogies and a bit too much of the insider/marketmaker conspiracy stuff for my liking, but interesting views on volume and based on the works of Dow, Wyckoff, Livermore and Ney. Does raise more questions in my mind than it answers. Not a lot on fundamental guidance out there, but presently reading  Anna Couling’s second book, ‘A Three Dimensional Approach to Forex Trading,’ which has a the fundamentals covered. I don’t know about the legitimacy of Anna Couling, but I’ve got to start somewhere.Hit a few short ebook fundamental books before this and also started ‘George Soros’s ‘Alchemy of Finance.’ There’s an updated Kathy Lien book ‘Day and Swing Trading the Currency Market’ I also want.

A now for some more elderly gentleman conversation. Ladies and the young you need to skip this next part.

Not quite a bowel problem and not a quite a sack of coal but close to the bowel region and a different sort of sack. I was in hospital yesterday having my left testicle examined which has swollen to quite a size. The product of a life of manual work, obesity and general wear and tear. Fluid on the tetis has been diagnosed and needs draining along with some varicose veins adjusting. A straight forward procedure I’m assured, with maybe some time off work. YES YES YES! Normally I would discuss my ageing medical problems with the lads in work, where upon, they would laugh at me, take the piss, and then I could walk away feeling better. However today is Good Friday  and I’m not in work all over the Easter holidays, so I have burdened you with my problems.  Any continuing discussion in the comments section please.

That’s it. I’m outta here.


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  1. Thanks for the tip on Oanda’s TradingView capability. That’s fantastic!

    1. They’ve got technical issues at the moment with the saving of charts and some other stuff, so I’m still on tradingview however they informed me that they are working on it around the clock. So I’m still using tradingview alongside Oanda.

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