A quick update to yesterday’s post.

Within a few hours of posting my blog yesterday Rob Booker sent me a link to his seminars. Worth a look for any developing trader learning this game. Don’t know how long it will be free and there are many hours of recording, so get in quick. To me, it really is enlightening as it is about real everyday successful live traders, not bankers, wizards or hedgefund managers, explaining their methods.

You can watch the recent Rob Booker live seminars here.

Also thanks ddtrader for your inspiring comment. dd’s blog can be found at Allen Bary’s forum wallstr2easystr.freeforums.net for anyone interested in the ‘Bob Volman’ style of trading.

Also thanks to Shonn Campbell for your interesting course and I’m really interested in the hedging process that you mentioned, so looking forwards to any updates on that. Find Shonn’s course at fxinventorytrading.com or his blog at tradinglifeownit.com

Find Adam Grimes excellent free course here adamhgrimes.com/TAAS

Interested in day trading binary options then Ryan Herron is your man. Mentioned on the traders podcast again in the last few days and in several previous episodes. He started his trading career trading out of a van whilst working. Don’t be fooled by his accent, this guy is really clever. Website here joaquintrading.com and blog here joaquintrading.blogspot.co.uk

Interested in day trading but not keen on scalping with tick charts the Volman way then check out the style of Kim Krompass. Ok these are promotional videos and she does charge a whopping $197 a month for her day trading analysis and guidance, but you should get the gist of her methods and develop your own plan from here. vimeo.com/135889056 also an interview with her here drlindatucker.com/podcast/due-diligence-kim-krompass and another one here tradingheroes.com/ttl-0015-trading-for-a-living-risking-only-8-to-12-pips-per-trade-kim-krompass and the websites here kimkrompass.com and here priceactiontradersinstitute.com and here fxstreet.com/analysis/forex-live-analysis-room-interviews/2014/11/25 . Rob Booker recently did an excellent interview but it’s not freely available.

Last but not least Matt Lacoco’s blog at mlacoco.wordpress.com and registration for his course, which I’m sure won’t be expensive, when ever it comes out. shorttermforex.com

Most stuff linked to here is free or very inexpensive, so get stuck in.

I’m off to the Rob Booker Phoenix videos now and before anyone asks I don’t get a penny from any of these links, or this website or any other affiliations. It’s all about things that are helping me develop my own trading edge, style and plan.


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