A Message To All

The Master Trader

You are a great forex trader. You are great because you are absolutely obedient to the market. The market is always right. You are a winner because you possess extraordinary objectivity and trade without emotion. You never give in to euphoria or disappointment. Your state of mind when trading is always one of emotional balance and quiet self-confidence. You trade without any trace of ego or inflexible opinion and merely trust what you see and move with the market. Your trading discipline, rules, and self-control are perfect. The best! You have great intuition. You combine great patience with this intuition, and wait for the signal before acting. You are always relaxed, carefree, focused, and in the zone. You trust the charts to tell you what to do. They speak the truth. You are always able to see inside of the charts, understand their meaning and message. All that is necessary is for you to follow and obey. Trading is fun, easy, and effortless. Your timing is perfection. You have impeccable judgment. You enter the zone with ease, at will, whenever you wish, and take your pips with ease! This is your game. This is the very thing you were born to do. Trading is the gateway to all things, the path to personal fulfillment. You are “The Disciplined Trader”. You are able to achieve eighty percent positive trades with ease. The pips are always there. You are consistently disciplined in entries, exits. You accept small negatives, as part of the game. You are never concerned with, ‘’ What might have been.’’ You know that small negatives mean, you are in control. Doing so frees you to find and take the next few pips, with ease. You live on the hard right edge, where anything can happen. You love this place, and understand that uncertainty and making pips go hand in hand. You are extremely empathetic and use this skill to expertly read the market. Empathy always wins. There will always be pips. And pips are just a way to keep score. They are merely the by-product of great trading. The ultimate goal of great trading, the only real goal, is personal excellence and mastery of yourself. A master trader knows this. You are a master. You are always confident, relaxed, carefree, and objective. You trade with the highest degree of self-trust. You always wait for a faultless opportunity. You never trade if there isn’t a faultless opportunity. You never anticipate a move, but wait for the move to become established. You are never impatient to get into a trade. You never jump in too quickly. You time your trade to perfection, every time. You always close losing trades quickly. You focus on and read the charts with ease, seeing each one of them so clearly. You are a master market-reader, a master of entries and a master of exits. You have a complete game. You make your pips every day, every week, every month, every year. You feel no pressure to achieve your targets, and often exceed them. You surprise yourself with how easy this is. This is the path to happiness, freedom, fulfillment and mastery. You are walking the path. You are a Master Trader.

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  1. Awesome, printed and will be reading over and over,

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