Holiday promotions etc.

First thing to note is anyone wanting to purchase or upgrade ninjatrader needs to be quick as their holiday promotion ends on the 19th Dec.

Steve W of the free site nbt has set out a series of lectures that he is charging for this time at his new site . Here’s the link to nobrainertrades summary of the lectures and you can link to the new site from it also,  I’ve been through every article written at nbt and this lecture series looks interesting. Again there is a seasonal offer on up to Jan so get in quickly $467 instead of $537.

I’ve always wanted at least to go through Robin Hood and Little John’s course at and have never got around to it but the traderoom is well recommended by Shonn Campbell author of Inventory Trading . There’s no rush though as after exploring for any seasonal offers, they appear to have an all year round thing for new participants of 3 months for 2 at $297.

For those looking for a new trading computer in the US, Eddie Z  at has a promotion on holiday promotion sale . Eddie has been twice highlighted on the traderspodcast with Rob Booker in episodes 291 and 315, and since mentioned by traderAllen on his forum  at   On a similar note, here in the UK there’s  a Christmas sale going on at

Not a lot here, but if I could afford it I would purchase from all the above mentioned sites. As I can’t afford it I will make do with Shonn’s new book, Bob Volman’s new book and all the free advice from traderAllen and Rob Booker.

Cheers. I’m outa here.



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