Life getting a little hectic.

Not written much lately due to various activities in and outside trading getting on top of me.

I’m still to finish my note taking of Bob Volman’s FPAS, but got side tracked with making notes from traderAllen’s new chat page that he does for free each day for a few hours from 9am NY time. I was using the 30 second time chart printed off to follow what was happening during the session with the volume indicator at the bottom of the chart to follow order flow, whilst running through the notes back from the start on 23rd October, then when I caught up using the same charts live following his chat page.

That was until today when I downloaded MB Trading’s platform which allowed me to download for free ninjatrader charting, giving me access to the tick charts that Volman and traderAllen uses. Volman actually uses prorealtime charts, that if your living in the uk can be got for free using IG index spread betting platform, however  I think you must make a minimum number of trades per week, of what size I’m not sure. FXCM do something similar for free ninjatrader but require a £5ooo deposit and a certain amount of trade size aswell. As for Mb Trading, ninja is free but you just can’t trade through it to MB you need to trade straight to MB Trade navigator.  I followed the instructions from one of traderAllen’s youtube videos to set up the tick charts but found a few little issues that I will ask him about on the forum.

Anyway issues with the car, starting my xmas shopping and problems at work have added to the pile of stuff to think about and do. Not even made time to download Shonn Campbells new kindle book on trading inventory yet!

Anyway I keep moving forwards a few steps even if a few steps back aswell.

Good trading and Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.


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