Two Years of Blogging.

After nearly two years blogging my forex journey, my blog views seem to be on the increase. I’ve just topped 4000 views, however the number of those who come and clear off immediately must be quite high, as the visitors to views ratio looks like it as a little less than 1:2. (See my monthly stats chart below. Note for any one who has read Malcolm Gladwell’ s ”The Tipping Point,” that surge in views in Feb this year that happened over two days, was due to that key man Rob Booker, tweeting me. The power of certain people on social media is comparable to Paul Revere’s ride or the key persons in the mid 1990’s Baltimore syphilis epidemic! )

Anyway this blog is my own journal and not really meant as a read for others, until that is, I break through with consistent trading, which yet eludes me. However I do feel I’m moving closer, so beware you naysayers, you’ll soon be eating your words.

The blog looks a little quiet these days, but I have posted a couple of articles on my new scalping page which probably don’t appear on updates, and I am also burning the midnight oil, down in my cave, studying like never before.

Thanks for those few readers who have made inspiring comments. Never had any trolls yet, I’m looking forwards to those when I am successful, but I do get lots of spammers who in their pidgeon English style, appear to lavish praise on my site, for no reason at all to do with trading. I did get one person who said they wanted to become regular a commenter after making some real positive comments, but when I told them I don’t allow any external advertising as the site was primarily my opinions, they never came back. Strange!

Anyway good luck all and do pay me a visit in another year or two. You never know what you will find.

ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 22 12.14


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