What am I doing at the moment in my forex journey?

Well I haven’t been trading for a few months now. I’ve been reading and searching for answers.

This latest post I made on http://wallstr2easystr.freeforums.net/ refers to  traderAllen asking if anyone would like him to take up a position on rotation in a live trading room. In it I explain aswell as reading what I am doing.

I’m starting this new thread here in answer to the questions you asked in the announcements section where I can’t reply.
You ask. ”Would you be interested in sitting in watching how I trade?” Which refers to you taking up a rotation in a live trading room.
I have mixed views on trading rooms as often they drag out far too long and there can be too much padding in between the trades and they can cost.
Do I want to watch how you set up your charts, see your pre-trade analysis, hear you thinking your way through trades, watching live entries and trade management, seeing how you use ninjatrader and MB together, how you look at the build up before a breakout or DD, first or second break, where you differ from Volman, how you incorporate the level II screen and the currency strength meter, what you’re looking at in a news trade and how you trade your fxa method. Of course I do.
For me though it all depends on when and for how long and how much and I certainly won’t be interested in watching others, only you.
I am presently reading and making notes on Bob Volman. After a month or two I’m going to study some of Volman’s dropbox charts before I start to just observe live charts myself and play around with MB and ninjatrader, then and only then after several months I will start trading micro lots. This is for the most part your advice anyway. For the time being I will be concentrating mostly on FPAS and will not want to get distracted with fxa or news trading. I will be wanting to spend most of my time looking a charts myself more than watching yourself, as there are some things like playing sport, learning to drive or learning to speak a new language that can’t be taught from watching, you have to do. Trading looks like to me it’s one of these things.
A bit of watching you as I develop however, will be useful to inspire those ahaha moments we’re all looking for.
Anyhow I would much prefer you to do a series of recorded live webinars, where you can edit out quiet periods and where I can watch at leisure after I have done my own chart watching. I would gladly pay for a series of webinars like I have just mentioned and incorporating all the stuff I wrote about above. As for the live trading room for me I don’t know if I would find the time. I trade part time on my off shift days and I need to fit my daughter into that and do my own charting on days off, so for me it would be only a temporary or rather infrequent visit to watch you trade.
Anyway maybe others have a different outlook and would like to voice their enthusiasm on this thread as I do realise I’m a lone voice amongst many.

Read more: http://wallstr2easystr.freeforums.net/thread/24/live-trading-room#ixzz3BhVKz8uV

Thats that over with and now for something completely different.

The traderspodcast ~(note 284) with Rob Booker is getting a little heated these days, due to a few negative comments he’s been getting. The positive stuff from the likes of Brian F is almost being eclipsed. I remember once making rude comments about one of Rob’s books about a year and a half ago which I do now regret, to which he didn’t respond I glad to say. I think questioning everything is good as we develop, however if we voice our half thought out opinions in public, there are lines crossed where it becomes annoying and offensive. This is why so many forums seem to fall down, with too much negativity and positive contributors being attacked either by the lack of understanding of newbies or the Trolls that seem to have found their only outlet in life.

This is Ben Laws response to some trolls he has recently received after appearing on a video with Rob Booker   http://youtu.be/oW8IQatCJ3M  He is found on his blog at  http://benlaws.uk/ and here is the video interview .

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