How I spent Sunday afternoon.

Went to the Derby Beer Festival yesterday evening and ended up having a Ruby on the way home. This meant it was a late sleep in this morning to recover. When I finally got up, I went straight onto the computer and ended up downloading a short kindle ebook off Amazon by Alwin NG about trading the first pullback after a change in trend direction.

Next went through my emails and ended up watching an epic 3 hour webinar by Jason Stapleton which had been noted on the website newsletter, which I’m subscribed too.

Excellent stuff, reaffirming the info in the Alwin Ng book. I found the OODALOOP theory especially interesting. The last hour does contain a bit of a sales pitch as normal for these sort of webinars, however it’s well worth going the full 3 hours for the question and answer session. Well that’s a student trader’s afternoon gone. Now to the economic calendars and the charts before the world cup final tonight. I can only assume your just as sad as me if you’re reading this article in your spare time. Keep going, likely your not far away from success, just like me.

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