A new page and another deleted on my site.

I’ve been spending time getting into Mt4 and decided to set up a new page where I would post all the stuff that I would have personally have found useful, during my own frustrating struggle getting into it. I’ve already written my first post with plenty more to come.

I’ve also deleted my Progress page as I seem to have added all my progress to my About page. I think I’ve got this arse about tit I know, but who cares. I’ve also got to update this page with my last six months progess. Blogging however is lower down my priority list than trading, so it will be a while yet before an update there.

On another score I’ve been deleting a lot of stuff that I periodically peruse on the internet in my bookmark/favourites. I’ve also deleted my twitter account, which I never tweeted on anyway and was only using to read other peoples nonsense and useless waffle. It’s a good old fashioned spring clean/clearout. A recent post by Shonn Campbell  http://tradinglifeownit.wordpress.com/2014/06/05/the-problem-with-trading-rules/ lead me to reassess my trading routine. This is one of a much smaller list of blogs that I now read.

To the few readers out there, good luck in your own trading and go crack a cold one.


One response

  1. Simon,

    Keep it up friend! It sounds to me like you are coming to that turning point that both Matt and I and other traders I know have experienced where you realize that there are only one or two things in trading that actually matter. It sounds like you are now interested in finding those couple of things rather than trying to take in all the heap of garbage there is out there. You are close. Don’t give up!


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