I’ve just gained my third registered Blog follower.

This is the letter I’ve just written to blog follower number 3.

You are now in a select group of three who have registered to follow my blog, the other two are Matt LaCoco and Shonn Campbell, both friends of Rob Booker and both have their own blogs and have regularly appeared on ”The Traders Podcast.”

I am not yet successful at trading, however I do feel the possibility exists and that I am moving closer. Of course when I first got into forex about three years ago I thought I would start being successful in about six months and now realise that this is something that is not as straight forwards as I first thought. Obviously it is not in the best interests of most training programme vendors to stress this point and most although don’t deny it, they don’t stress it either and concentrate more on what you could theoretically make if you compounded your gains consistently. ( The section on Rob Wilson in ”Traders at Work,” by Tim Bourquin, is well worth a read on this subject to hear it from a consistently successful trader.) The possibilities of compounding will lure you in and unless you can pull yourself out of the grip of greed and into reality then you have no hope of success. I am still working on it.

All the information on my blog is subject to change as my ideas and experience develops. What I once thought was crap, I might now consider is the way to go. Anyhow, unless you are not a trader or have by accident subscribed to my blog by mistake, then I wish you success in your future trading and depending on your level, the persistence to see it through. Who ever you are, all the best.

If you do not have a blog yourself, get one to make yourself accountable and force yourself to keep writing when the chips are down. This is where you learn the most about yourself and your trading. It is all to easy to only blog after successes and hide your shame after losses. Remember the ego is our biggest enemy. On this line, I strongly recommend Shonn Campbell’s new ebook on Amazon only £1.25 just use one click.

All the best.

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