End of November 2013 check-in and blog post 100.

Not posted for a while. Took the last month off after having recovered from three kidney stone operations. Ok now and back at work.

Although I’ve not been trading, I have been reading and following Michael Huddleston’s ICT reviews and trading lessons that are totally free and found on his YouTube page. His own website is not properly working yet due to some issues with Java coding. There are also people who post trades who follow these methods at Fxgears.com, although I personally don’t usually post on forums myself, this forum appears very positive without the usual losers and naysayers commenting.

I’ve still kept up with Rob Bookers Traders Podcast twice a week, which still keeps its high standards, however I don’t use the TFL365 site much for which I am a member, mainly due to the content mostly being about his Knoxville Divergence trading system which I am not following.

I am following several blogs with one of the most interesting being Aaron Needham’s forexalchemy.com. Other blogs I follow are listed on my trading resourses page.

I did complete Steve Rising’s Thinslice trading course this year and have taken some things from there into my own plan. I am however not following his method at the moment. My own ideas are being formulated into a trading plan which won’t be up and running until next year. I’ve never traded from a definitive plan before so I’m hoping it will be a step in the right direction.

Finally my own blog is now over a year old and in the coming year I hope to be posting trades from my new plan and completely updating the content of the various pages, as many of my ideas have changed. Probably won’t be posting much until the new year now, maybe when I’ve completed reviewing my notes on the ICT  Trading plan development videos and the Scout Sniper course for which the last lesson 8 is due out soon.

See you soon



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